About Us And Our Business Model


Here at Raw Addiction, our mission is to create a friendly, accessible juice bar where people of all life styles, ages, and dietary backgrounds could experience the energizing effect of fresh raw cold-pressed juices, organic acai bowls and healthy foods made with premium organic ingredients from local farmers.

Our Story

Raw Addiction was established by brothers who wanted to promote the incredible benefits and nutrients that can be extracted when responsibly indulging in nature's bounties. We take great pride in making artisanal quality açai bowls, cold pressed juices, and smoothies, in addition to salads and wraps. It is our goal to actively serve our communities and share these benefits with you. 

I’m Saifur Rahman, President of RAW ADDICTION FRANCHISE INC.
I have been into sports earlier days in my life, and for some reasons I could not continue my career in sports. Few years back found myself a patience of Pre-Diabetics and High Blood Sugar and also High Cholesterol due to eating unhealthy foods. Raw Addiction was born out of my desire to eat and live Healthy and share these benefits and knowledge with you.

I, who truly believe that experiencing the undeniable benefits of nature's most valuable nutrients found in organic juices and food, promote our health and wellness daily.

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